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NationaLease Used Trucks has a large selection of quality used straight and box trucks for sale at competitive prices. With low mileage, sound mechanics, and a variety of features, our inventory of used straight and box trucks is updated daily and sure to have the vehicles you need. Take a look at our selection of used straight and box trucks today and give our truck experts a call at (866) 813-1900 for more details or with any questions.

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What Are Straight and Box Trucks Used For?

Straight and box trucks are a type of truck in which the axle(s) or bed is attached to the frame, so they don’t bend in the middle like tractor trailers do. Their large, cube-like cargo areas earn them the nickname “box truck,” though they’re essentially the same thing, straight and box trucks just tend to be a bit larger.

When it comes to hauling large items like furniture, commercial equipment, residential appliances, and other types of cargo that don’t have humidity or temperature restrictions, straight and box trucks are the preferred option. The interior configuration options of straight and box trucks are easy to customize and come with a variety of features including: side doors, double back doors, mover’s ramps, and floor tracking systems to secure cargo.

New or Used Straight and Box Trucks: Which Is Better?

If you’ve determined that it’s time to add a straight and box truck or two to your fleet, the next issue that arises is whether to buy new or used.

The answer depends on what you intend on hauling, and how you’ll be utilizing the truck. For instance, if you need a straight and box truck for moving equipment periodically or if your business operates on a seasonal basis, you may not want to spend all of that money on a new truck.

One of the biggest misconnections is that buyed used means you lose on options and selection. Our large inventory of used straight and box trucks includes a variety of vehicles so you can select gas versus diesel, interior options and more.

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