• Sales Meeting

Sean Leahy

Speaker, Consultant, and Sales Trainer

Sean Leahy began his career selling jewelry on the streets of New York City. From his failure as a vendor, Sean is able to share his humbling experience to illustrate how salespeople can learn how to be successful. It was during these challenging dates that he began observing what the successful vendors were doing and what he was not. Twenty five years later, Sean started a consortium of some of the largest electrical distributors in the world. Within a few years, it approached $200 million in sales by building a customer base of mostly Fortune 500 companies. He was a President and CEO for close to 20 years, participated on three Boards of Directors, and have spoken to, and worked with companies big and small all over the world. From Sean’s days as a street vendor to his position as a CEO, he has collected literally thousands of ideas on what exceptional salespeople do differently from everyone else. His workshop will share them with you.

Kevin Smith

Regional Field Sales Manager - West
J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.®

With more than 25 years of experience serving customers in the transportation & technology industry, Regional Field Sales Manager Kevin Smith specializes in connecting people with practical compliance and safety solutions. Kevin is well qualified on how to advise your company on driver and vehicle compliance management issues and the services available to address them. He closes monitors proposed rules and enforcement trends to keep information about new developments.