• NationaLease Sales Meeting
  • NationaLease Sales Meeting
  • NationaLease Sales Meeting
  • NationaLease Sales Meeting
  • NationaLease Sales Meeting
  • NationaLease Sales Meeting
  • NationaLease Sales Meeting
  • NationaLease Sales Meeting


*Agenda is subject to change.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
11:00AM – 1:00PM


1:00PM – 1:15PM

Welcoming Remarks and NationaLease Introductions
Dean Vicha, President, NationaLease

1:15PM – 2:45PM

Dan Norris, Keynote Speaker
Persuasion is a key element in making the sales. Dan Norris, one of only a handful of individuals who holds the CMCT designation (a specialization in the psychology of persuasion), specializes in the science of ethical influence and will deliver this entertaining and compelling presentation. He will show attendees how to generate and manage change through the influence process, understand the psychology behind decision making, and refresh the way to approach a customer during the sales process.

2:45PM – 3:00PM


3:00PM – 4:00PM

National Account Customer Profile
When you’re negotiating a deal, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the customer is thinking? We can’t help you read minds, but we can give you the next-best thing…the opportunity to hear directly from a customer. Ben Escobar will share what Reinhart Foodservice looks for in a partnership with a leasing provider and why they chose NationaLease.
Ben Escobar, VP of Operations Support, Reinhart Foodservice

4:00PM – 5:00PM

Dedicated Logistics
Joe Gallick will provide members an overview of the NationaLease Dedicated Logistics program plus an update on the trends and opportunities of Dedicated Logistics in the transportation industry.
Joe Gallick, Vice President of Dedicated Services, NationaLease

6:00PM – 8:00PM

Trade and Technology Reception

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
7:00AM – 8:00AM


8:00AM – 8:45AM

Food Transportation Safety Regulations
The Food Safety Modernization Act has created new concerns for everyone involved in the food supply chain, including the shippers transporting food. Nick Pacitti, a partner with Sterling Solutions, is responsible for project management and improvement initiatives in its food safety and logistics practice. Nick will share information that can help us understand and offer solutions to our food shipping customers.
Nick Pacitti, Sterling Solutions

8:45AM – 10:00AM

Industry Panel – Natural Gas, Telematics, and APUs
Truck technology is rapidly changing and your customers are looking to you for answers. Our expert panel of OEM representatives are ready to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to be a valued consultant to your customer and marketplace.
Moderator: Bill Hicks, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, Salem NationaLease
Panelists: Jill Nowlin, Cummins; Rick Ecker, Eaton Corp.; Kevin Holland, Daimler Trucks North America; Jeff Belanger, Thermoking; and Bill Edwards, Volvo.

10:00AM – 10:15AM


10:15AM – 11:15AM

Economic Update
Roz is an internationally recognized supply chain expert with more than 30 years of experience in the transportation and logistics field and author of the "Annual State of Logistics Report®", a widely used analysis of the supply chain industry.  Roz will share her expertise and insights into the current and future state of our industry.
Rosalyn Wilson, Senior Business Analyst, Delcan Corporation

11:15AM – 11:45AM

National Account Update
Jeff Spence will provide an extensive update on National Accounts, including a review of current National Account customers and protocol, announcement of new additions to the NationaLease National Account team, and updates to NationaLease Fleet Connection, our customer Web portal.
Jeff Spence, Vice President of National Accounts, NationaLease

11:45AM – 12:00PM

Member Services Update
Find out what’s happening at the NationaLease home office. Jane Clark provides an update on new programs and services available through NationaLease that you can use to help sell to your customers.
Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services, NationaLease

12:00PM – 1:00PM


1:00PM – 2:00PM

Selling with LinkedIn
Craig Fisher is a LinkedIn trainer, social media strategy consultant, speaker, blogger, and radio host. He teaches companies how to find and attract clients and talent with LinkedIn and other digital tools. Learn practical ways to use LinkedIn to directly impact sales, as Craig shares techniques that have worked for his clients and his own business.
Craig Fisher, Featured Speaker

2:00PM – 2:30PM

FASB Update
As the proposed changes to FASB’s Lease Accounting Standards continue to make news, our customers are asking questions about the impact it will have on their businesses. Chris Baer, CFO of Hogan Truck Leasing Inc., a NationaLease Member has been a leader in staying up to date with the developments and what they mean for us.  Chris will  update us on the current state of the FASB discussion, and how you can use this information to talk to your customers.
Chris Baer, CFO of Hogan Truck Leasing Inc., a NationaLease Member

2:30PM – 3:15PM

Selling Against the Competition
Tapping into his years of experience in selling both for and against our major competitors, Jeff Spence will discuss tactics and strategies you can use to best position NationaLease and overcome objections. Jeff will also share some of the more recent tactics the competition is using to sell against NationaLease, so that you can craft your sales presentations accordingly.
Jeff Spence, Vice President of National Accounts, NationaLease

3:15PM – 3:30PM




3:30PM – 4:00PM

Purchasing Update
Find out how government regulations and the volatile commodities market is and will continue to affect truck acquisition and maintenance pricing from an expert on the front lines.
Jim Sweeney, Vice President of Capital Equipment, NationaLease

4:00PM – 5:00PM

National Account Overview
Receive an update about each National Account territory from the National Account executive who manages it. They will update members on what current accounts are doing, what prospective accounts they are working on or targeting, and information they are acquiring about our competition. This will be an interactive session designed to increase collaboration from the National Account team and our membership.
National Account Executive Panel: Rick Baker, NationaLease Account Executive; Jorge Carrillo, NationaLease Account Executive; Joe Gallick, Vice President of Dedicated Services; Rob Goble, NationaLease Account Executive; Jay Hagerty, NationaLease Account Executive; and Gerald Yeomans, NationaLease Account Executive


Closing Dinner