New Generation of Truck Leasing Industry Leaders Sees Opportunities, Challenges


Some tough challenges will be ever present in the full service truck leasing industry, such as increasing government regulations and rising fuel costs. On the flip side, future opportunities abound in the growth of alternative fuel-power vehicles and an increase in transportation outsourcing.

As a member of the next generation of leaders in full service truck leasing, I see an industry that’s tackling some tough challenges but also one that’s full of great opportunities.

Since moving into an executive role at Aim NationaLease – one of the nation’s top 25 logistics companies and a member of the NationaLease network of full service truck leasing companies – I find our company is constantly dealing with such issues as increased government regulations, emissions control, safety, the rising cost of fuel, and compliance. These issues will be ever present in our business, in my estimation. What I see changing, however, is that finding the right solutions for them will become harder and more costly.

The outlook is the same for the challenge of finding and employing the right people for the job. Whether the position is technician, driver, or manager, we need to face the fact that trucking isn't a “sexy” business. All of us in the industry need to find new ways to recruit new talent, encourage young people to major in logistics and supply chain management in college, and educate the country about the opportunities our business presents.

Among the opportunities for the next generation of full service truck leasing leaders will be the ability to shepherd in a changeover from diesel power to vehicles powered by natural gas or other alternative fuels. It might be in its earliest stages right now with few users, but we know it will eventually become commonplace. Not a day goes by that any of us in the full service truck leasing industry are not asked about the availability and feasibility of natural gas-powered vehicles. Although our industry doesn’t tend to be early adopters of new technologies, when the technology has been proven and the infrastructure built to support it, we’ll be there ready to serve.

Another benefit of being in this industry is the fact that we know our customers have come to rely upon us as transportation experts, which allows them to focus their attention on their core competency. As the economy evolves and more companies outsource non-core tasks, the full service truck leasing industry will be poised to provide them with our years of expertise.

The NationaLease organization, recognizing the needs of younger executives – especially those in second- and third-generation positions of leadership – to come together to share strategies, formed the NationaLease Young Executive Club. It gives us a chance to exchange ideas, pursue professional training, and most importantly in my opinion, network. Just as previous generations have done, we like to know we can count of each other to partner on new business opportunities.

As a finance major at college, I originally intended to choose the investment field as a career and I did pursue it for a time. When I decided to move into the family business that my great-grandfather founded in 1906, it was the best decision of my life.

About the Author:
Geoff Fleming is Business Development Manager and part owner of Aim NationaLease, headquartered in Girard, OH.