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NationaLease Launches New Truck Rental Website

NationaLease has a new Website,

June 20, 2007, Downers Grove, IL – The search process is simple and fast. Companies needing a truck will go to

“This Website is another way for NationaLease to provide customers with a quick response to their transportation needs,” said Douglas Clark, President and Chief Executive Officer of NationaLease. “Our company is comprised of 165 independent businesses united with a common goal—to offer a customized solution that is right for each customer.”

The site was developed so the potential customer has a choice to call the rental facility directly or submit an online form. With the online method, NationaLease members will automatically receive an e-mail and contact the potential customer.

“Many of our larger customers have rental requirements—they may work in a seasonal industry or have large private fleets with a need for substitute vehicles for those undergoing repair or maintenance,” said Clark. “Regardless of the reason, when they need a rental, they want to get it at the right place, the right price, and with the right terms. That’s why they rent NationaLease vehicles.”

Flexibility and extraordinary personal service set NationaLease apart from its competitors. With the company’s National Rental Program, you deal directly with a single point of contact. This ensures continuity in the business relationship, rapid decision-making and accountability. The program offers a national contract with centralized billing, eliminating the complexity of monitoring separate contracts for each rental location.

For more information on NationaLease truck rentals, visit

About NationaLease
Founded in 1944, NationaLease is one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations in North America, with over 900 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and a combined customer fleet of over 155,000 tractors, trucks, and trailers. The company provides comprehensive fleet management services for private fleets and transportation service providers. More information can be found at