Used Trucks

Used Trucks

Buy and Sell Used Equipment with Confidence

The value of used trucks and other equipment can spike or plummet in a matter of months. NationaLease offers years of expertise to give you the best possible return on the disposal of your used assets.  In the face of continuing changes in equipment manufacturing, EPA standards, and the economy, it pays to be as informed as possible.

Buy used equipment

We can match you with the right low mileage used trucks, tractors, or trailers to suit your budget and fleet requirements. View current inventory, or contact us with your specific needs.

Sell used equipment

We command an extensive network of truck and equipment dealers to get you the best price and the fastest possible sale, with almost no effort on your part.  If time allows we can even sell to end users and achieve retail dollars for you.  We can sell your equipment domestically or export it if the return is greater for you there.

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Whether you're buying or selling, contact us to learn more about how we take care of your bottom line.

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